1. The future that got stolen from us

    Once upon a time, society saw technological progress as the way to free people from 9-to-5 jobs. Where did that dream go?

  2. The Tweetdrop

    A novel mechanism for viral token distribution leveraging Twitter.

  3. We cannot get there fast enough

    Society is crumbling down, and our products aren't able to meaningfully do anything about it. Let's keep building, because we cannot get there fast enough.

  4. The sorry state of crypto UX

    If we think mainstream users are going to use any of this, we have drunk too much kool aid. We need to take a 180-degree turn in our priorities

  5. Telegram DAOs

    Let's go where existing internet communities live and supercharge them with crypto. Let's take DAOs to Telegram!

  6. Expert DAOs

    Expert DAOs allow for the bottom-up formation of clusters of experts that can cryptographically attest truth

  7. Digital scarcity

    How NFTs just clicked for me

  8. Three years of fighting for freedom

    Three years ago Aragon was born. When we started it, it was clear that this would be a decade-long effort. It is tough, but it is the change the world needs

  9. Personal review of AGP proposals for the Jan 24th, 2019 vote

    With the next AGP vote around the corner, I wrote an overview of the proposals that made it to the ballot

  10. Not Earth, not Mars, no planet will be our home

    Thriving as species could be more efficient by creating a new world rather than conquering the current one

  11. Disintermediating marketplaces

    Why I am advising district0x

  12. Bitcoin Unlimited is a bug by itself

  13. Idea for a decentralized, open source platform for deep machine learning advancement

  14. Investing in crypto 101

  15. The sorry state of the blockchain